Tolerance and Reaction capacity in times of pandemic

The research Tolerance and Reaction Capacity in times of pandemic conducted by the Intesa Sanpaolo Museum of Saving and Episteme measures – for the first time – the synthetic indices relating to the country’s ability to tolerate and react six months after the outbreak of the pandemic of COVID-19.

The research analyzed the attitudes and behaviors of Italians during the ongoing health and consequently economic and social crisis. It focused on the ability to tolerate – in relation to the management of difficulties starting from the conditions and the fundamental factors that determine their severity – and on the ability to react – which refers to the relaunch and reformulation of life goals, looking ahead and finding a new balance.

The indices provide not only an economic, but also a social and psychological vision of the country’s ability to face the crisis. Education and financial education prove to be a driving force for stability and resilience, together with the attitude to save and the support of the family network, which are confirmed as fundamental elements for Italians.

The survey highlights that an increase in basic economic skills, the involvement of women in the workforce and an approach to saving consistent with future planning and investment are crucial elements for restarting the economy.

Download here the survey Tolerance and Reaction Capacity in times of pandemic


The research was also discussed within the event TOLERANCE AND REACTION CAPACITY TO THE RISKS OF A PANDEMIC  held online on 27 October 2020, on the occasion of the Financial Education Month.

During the event, which compared the results of this research with the evidence of two recent surveys on the financial situation of Italian families conducted by the Bank of Italy, the Committee for the coordination of financial education activities and DOXA, there were intervention by:

Giovanna Paladino (Director and Curator of the Museum of Saving) DOWNLOAD THE SLIDES OF THE SPEECH

Riccardo De Bonis (Head of the Financial Education Service of the Bank of Italy) DOWNLOAD THE SLIDES OF THE SPEECH

Annamaria Lusardi (President of the Committee for the planning and coordination of financial education activities).

For the video recording of the event CLICK HERE.


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