Virtual Tour

Get confortable,
and jump online to visit the Museum of Saving, the first museum in the world dedicated to financial education!




The virtual tour allows to access the Museum, to follow the exhibition path, to watch some of our most beautiful videos and to download some apps to familiarize with the complex art of money management.
On the top left you will find a useful map which will assist you in the navigation and, if you do not want to see everything, will guide you directly to the room you prefer.
As in the in-person visit, the virtual tour starts from the reception and goes on to the KNOW Room, with a dive into the history of money: from the origins up to the most popular financial crises, also through our interviews to world renowned economists like Gianni Toniolo and Luigi Zingales.
Shares, bonds, derivatives and insurances won’t hold any secrets for you with a stop in the LEARN Room. Here you can listen to experts like the Nobel prize winner Robert Shiller, who provides an original interpretation of the financial markets’ role.
Then it will be the time of the TELL Room, where you can magically meet for a while Molière, Dante Alighieri and Shakespeare. A quick close encounter, which you will have the chance to explore further by visiting the Museum.
The tour continues in the DREAM room, where, thanks to some famous movies, you can notice how cinema and finance have frequently crossed their paths.
But how to put theory into practice? That is the easy part! In the EXPERIMENT Room three apps will be available to you: It’s my life, The Mica’s Treasure and Be Prime Minister.
The tour ends with the SAVINGS Room, where you will discover many curiosities on the money box, an iconic and familiar object at the same time. Not only you will admire some of the most interesting pieces of the wonderful Museum’s collection, but three short videos will tell you beautiful stories about them.