A financial education project for migrants The financial education of migrants is a fundamental issue to promote their economic integration. Most of the initiatives already launched in this sense, developed starting from the analysis of the remittances phenomenon, have revealed a very basic level of financial education. Migrants appear ... Continua

  Why a new mentoring project? Numerous recent analyses show how access to education represents one of the main factors of social inequality, an aspect which more than others tend to make the starting socio-economic condition hereditary. Italy is one of the European countries where social disparities remain wide and ... Continua

The Museum of Saving developed and promoted the sample research “Parents and children: how important is the family in the use of money by the new generations”, carried out between September and October 2022 on 311 families representative of the Italian population. A total of 824 people were interviewed: 444 ... Continua

  “November 25th shouldn't exist. In the 21st century the practice - supported by a certain culture – of physically or psychologically abusing someone just because they are weaker should be completely removed from the acceptable habits of an evolved and civilized society. Instead, every year, we are here to ... Continua

  The International Conference “Digitalization and Financial Awareness”, organized by the Bank of Italy and the Museum of Saving on the occasion of the tenth Annual Meeting of the IFFM - International Federation of Finance Museums, took place in Rome on 3 and 4 October 2022  The conference organizers invited ... Continua

  The Museum of Saving has developed and promoted a survey among the target population of 18-74 year olds to verify the existence and effects of possible distortions in the measurement of the level of financial education of Italians. In particular, it was intended to evaluate whether the questions formulated in a ... Continua

  The Museum of Saving, together with Episteme, promoted the research "The Value of Environmental and Economic Sustainability for very young people" in order to investigate how children aged 13 to 18 deal with the topic of sustainability in a broad sense. This is an in-depth study that is complementary to ... Continua

The “S.A.V.E. - 2021 Virtual Tour” project, developed by the Museum of Saving in collaboration with the EIB Institute, aims to make thematic itineraries, interactive games and APPs, dedicated to financial education, environmental sustainability and the circular economy, available online to educational institutions. The initiative is addressed to all Italian ... Continua

The research Tolerance and Reaction Capacity in times of pandemic conducted by the Intesa Sanpaolo Museum of Saving and Episteme measures - for the first time - the synthetic indices relating to the country's ability to tolerate and react six months after the outbreak of the pandemic of COVID-19. The research analyzed the attitudes ... Continua

The pandemic has forced us to stay at home for a long time and to change some of our habits, and caused an unprecedented economic shock. According to ISTAT, the Bank of Italy, the OECD and the International Monetary Fund, a marked drop in GDP will be registered in 2020 ... Continua