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Stop, look and listen to the stories about Money, its origin and its impact on the development of civilization.

Human beings learn how to save part of their production and to put aside something for tomorrow. Saving and Investing money is easier but to make it grow you need to run some risk.

Sit and take your time to understand the use of shares bonds derivatives, pension funds, insurances and much more.

Learn to recognize them, to identify their pros and cons, to weigh up how well they will suit your needs.Listen to the interviews with the experts and the one-to-one lessons of For & Mica.

Be seduced by famous storytellers, they will carry you away in time and space, they will tell of their lives and other adventures, of their experiences with money.

Admire Art and live an immersive experience.

Interact with a new physical and virtual space that will bring you closer to the basic principles of economics through ten works of art that will come to life before your eyes.

Be inspired by art and movies.

Play the part and see how the great directors have represented money and what revolves around it.

Go for it, test yourself, choose your favorite game and win points for the final ranking.

Learning how to manage your money is not difficult, it is just a question of balance.
Take advantage of what you have learned during your visit.

You are now in the last room and so far we have tested your ability to handle money.
Now, it is time for a break and a chance to view the collection of money boxes. 
A simple object that comes in all shapes and sizes and that has been used for centuries to help us is making complex intertemporal choices.

Here you can interact with our mascots!

Answer Mica the ant questions to find out what money-type you are, and discover with For all the fun facts about the other rooms in the Museum.