SURVEY “Women and saving management”

The Museum of Saving has carried out, in collaboration with Episteme, and with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo, an original research aimed at exploring and measuring the degree of awareness and control of Italian women in money management.

For this purpose, 1030 interviews were conducted with a representative sample of the Italian population aged between 18 and 64.

The research, presented as a preview at the “IL TEMPO DELLE DONNE” forum on 8 September 2017, confirmed a persistent and significant gap between men and women with regards to the economic situation and the management of savings, both in terms of attitudes and behaviors adopted.

It is possible to download here the results of the research WOMEN AND SAVING MANAGEMENT and a summary thereof.


In 2018, a further update of the above survey was released, by the Museum of Saving and Episteme.

In this latest edition, the research aimed to investigate the new experience of saving, starting from what had already emerged in the previous research:

  • On a motivational level: the expectations and emotions associated with it
  • On the cognitive level: the implicit notion adopted by Italians, consciously and unconsciously, and the biases contained in it
  • On the level of practices: habits and behavioral methods and the valorisation of savings with active management and investment practices

The analysis therefore presents a panoramic vision for an overall evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses that distinguish savings today and identify actions aimed at optimizing the results.

Download here the survey SAVING MANAGEMENT (2018).