New survey “Digitalization and Financial Awareness”

The impact of the spread of digital tools and services on the conscious management of money by Italians

The Museum of Saving has carried out, in collaboration with Episteme, and with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo, a survey aimed at exploring the existing relationship between digitalization and financial awareness.


The study intends to continue a line of investigation begun in 2017 on the ability of Italians to manage money.

This year the survey aimed to focus on two relevant but still little-studied aspects: the perception of the level of digital and financial literacy and the preferences of the different groups towards the use of various types of devices for personal financial management.

The study therefore has the objective of mapping the technological skills of Italians in order to measure whether and how the degree of digital competence has significant effects on financial economic inclusion and, in general, on awareness in the use of personal money..

Download here the abstract of the survey Digitalization and Financial Awareness.