01 July

“Welcom-ED” project: the new module “Becoming entrepreneurs”

The Welcom-ED project starts again!

welcom-ed diventare imprenditori

In July and August the training meetings at the Museum of Saving resume to promote the economic-financial inclusion of migrants.

In addition to the modules already available dedicated to savings and family budgeting and ABC of investments, the educational offer is enriched with a new path dedicated to business creation.



The course, carried out interactively and with the help of videos, exercises and team games, will focus on the following themes:

  • The importance of planning and investing in yourself
  • The main aspects that characterize the figure of the entrepreneur
  • Sharing stories of migrants who have successfully started their own entrepreneurial activities in Italy
  • Individual exercises to bring out the entrepreneurial aptitudes of the participants.

Finally, the development, promotion and marketing of an idea will be simulated in an exciting team game, with the aim of enhancing creative skills, spirit of initiative and “managerial” skills for a business.

The module on entrepreneurship can be carried out independently, or as a completion and conclusion of the other two Welcome-ED modules dedicated to 1) Savings and Family Budget and 2) ABC of investments.

Duration: max. 2 hours

Capacity: max. 6 people + 1 companion

Booking method: send a request email to info@museodelrisparmio.it specifying:

  • name of the association
  • name and telephone number of a contact person
  • chosen module (savings and family budget / ABC Investments / business creation)
  • preferred date and time (days available Mon-Wed-Thu-Fri)

Costs: free entry


Download the poster Welcome-Ed BECOMING ENTREPRENEURS


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