24 October

- 31 October

Art of Saving 2021

From 24 to 31 October, the Museum of Saving, Intesa Sanpaolo and its foreign banks, on the occasion of the celebration of the World Savings Day, will promote The Art of saving, a program of online and face-to-face educational activities for students and adults.

The goal is promoting the dissemination of financial culture and raising awareness on the importance of gaining the basic skills for a conscious management of money.

The Museum of Saving will offer educational activities to schools of all levels as well as initiatives for adults and families. On Sunday, October 24 and on Sunday, October 31 entrance will be free for everyone.

On this special occasion, some of the Museum of Saving educational workshops will be offered at the premises of the EXPLORA Museum in Rome and the Ceramics Museum of Mondovi. 

The foreign banks which are part of the Intesa Sanpaolo International Subsidiary Banks Division will also contribute by organizing a wide range of initiatives for schools, women, customers, employees and their children, exploring issues such as the basics of finance and saving, the risks related to e-commerce, the protection of digital identity and the conscious management of resources.








From 25 to 29 October


Primary, middle and high schools can book thematic guided tours at the Museum of Saving.

Through video pills, Apps, theater animations and movies’ clips they will have the opportunity to explore topics such as: the origin of money, speculative bubbles, major financial crises, entrepreneurship, financial instruments and many others available by clicking HERE.

Target: primary, middle and high schools

Duration: in presence 90 minutes / online 50 minutes



The Museum offers free of charge to primary and middle schools the opportunity to participate in the online workshops IO NO CHE NON CI CASCO e FATTI FURBO/A! developed in collaboration with experts from the Intesa Sanpaolo Cybersecurity Department as part of the “Drizza le Antenne” project, aimed at raising students’ awareness on the issues of protection from digital risks and the security of digital payments.

Divided into teams (FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, TIKTOK and TWITTER), the boys they will be called to solve various challenges: 1) Which attachment to open? 2) Invent a secure password 3) Choose the data to create a social profile 4) Use an antivirus.

The connection can be done in the classroom via IWB and Internet connection.

Target: primary and middle schools

Duration: 50 minutes


How to reserve

For both guided tours and online workshops, compulsory registration by writing to prenotazionimdr@civita.art





20, 21, 25 and 28 October (6.00 pm – 7.00 pm)


The initiative, launched by the Museum of Saving and the Banca dei Territori Division of Intesa Sanpaolo, in collaboration with Taxi 1729, a training and scientific communication company made up of young mathematicians and physicists, aims to bring people closer to financial education in a simple and clear way. Among the topics covered, hindsight, adaptation to changes, management of uncertainty.

For further information click here


24 ottobre (10.00 am – 11.30 am)


A special edition of the Museum of Saving laboratory “How much do desires cost” reserved for children aged 6 to 10 in collaboration with Explora, the Children’s Museum of Rome.

Through the animated reading of some extracts from the fable “Arco & Iris in South America”, boys and girls will understand the importance of economic independence and a harmonious relationship with money to achieve their dreams.

This will be followed by small games and exercises taken from the “Pocket Money&CO” guide to reflect on the concept of savings, on the value of objects (prices) and on where the money comes from (work). In closing, each child will be able to experience the new Test&Fun station and chat with the For&Mica mascots to find out more about their relationship with money.

All participants will be given the gadgets of the Financial Education Month.

For further information click here.


October 31, at the Museum of Ceramics of Mondovì


On 31 October 2021, on the occasion of the celebrations for the World Savings Day, the Museum of Saving and the Museum of Ceramics of Mondovì start a collaboration to allow children to reflect on the potential and benefits of the conscious use of resources.

In particular, the Ceramics Museum will host an exclusive edition of “Recuperino. Let’s re-cycle “, an educational workshop of the Museum of Saving aimed at making children aged 6 to 12 understand the concepts of sustainability, recycling and the circular economy, through the animated cartoons of the S.A.V.E. Virtual Tour (www.savetour.it) is a creative recycling experience to be carried out in small teams.


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