Sit and take time to understand the use of shares, bonds, derivatives, pension funds, insurances and much more. Learn to recognize them, identify their pros and cons, weigh up how well they will suit individual needs. Listen to the interviews with the experts and the one-to-one lessons of For & Mica

After many historical points of interest, the heart of the exhibition is the presentations given by financial experts and the museum’s mascots, illustrating the main characteristics of the most popular financial instruments (stocks, bonds, derivatives, insurance contracts, mutual funds, pension funds) and the principles which form the basis for an informed financial choice (the difference between real and nominal return, the relationship between risk and return , the benefits of a diversified portfolio).


The second room has three totems: Investment, Saving, Protection. You can ask questions about the main financial instruments (stocks, bonds, derivatives), forms of protection (insurance, pension funds) and many other topics.

Watch the video of the room Learn.