Stop, look and listen to the stories about Money, its origin and its impact on the rise of civilization. Human beings learn how to save part of their production and to put aside something for tomorrow. Saving and investing money is easy but to make it grow you need to run some risks.

The visit starts with the history of money, illustrating how money made saving and investing decisions easier, giving greater opportunities to spread expenses over a lifetime.


In this room, animated movies, cartoons, interviews and documentaries guide the visitor through the main events of economic history, from the birth of money up to the major financial crises.

Watch the video of the room Know.

You will have the chance to deepen:

– From barter to money

– The use of money from Babylon to ancient Greece

– The origin of the name “money”

– Credit practices during the Roman times

– The intrinsic value of money

– The use of banknotes and the role of Templars

– Banks in Italy. Origins and main characters

– On the role of money in the development of civilization

– The Financial crisis in 1907 and the birth of the Federal Reserve.

– The period between the world wars 1919-1939

– 1929: The great depression

– The Bretton Woods agreement

– The free floating regime: from 1971 to the present

– The tulipmania: the first stock bubble

– The 2001 dotcom bubble

– The rise of the Euro

– The role of European Central Bank

– On the role of multilateral institutions

– Financial crises of sub-primes and sovereign debt