13 December

- 14 December

Campus for School Aces 2023


From 13 to 14 December the Museum of Saving and the LIUC – Cattaneo University will host the 2023 edition of the Campus For School Aces, the first project in Italy that rewards the high school talents, winners of the MUR Olympics.

The project aims to enhance excellent students through cash prizes and participation in an innovative financial education campus.



“You cannot cross the ocean if you do not have the courage to lose sight of the shore”
Christopher Columbus

In today’s society where social media continuously propose models of unreal perfection, mistakes are often seen with a negative meaning, and failure as a demoralizing experience, not to be contemplated: and so choosing to get involved and take risks often brings anxiety and frustrations.

But everything we face every day and every decision we make contains risks: crossing the street, using the stairs, riding a scooter, taking a dip in the pool, taking a plane…

And what is risk if not the probability that an event will occur?

A question of percentages, then.

However, our perception of risk changes: cognitive and emotional dynamics are involved that guide our choices and influence our behavior.

For youngsters, engaged in the growth process, risk means exploring new paths, making decisions, experiencing situations that expose them to the possibility of failure and which require the development of new skills to understand how far they can go without endangering themselves or others, when to stop or ask for help. The stakes are high: self-affirmation is at stake, with adults, with parents, at school, with friends.

Educating about risk therefore means providing children with the tools to be able to face and manage it, planning their life path and well-being.

“The best we can do is seize opportunities, calculate the risks involved, estimate our ability to manage them, and make our plans with confidence” (HENRY FORD).


Download the Campus For School Aces program 2023.