05 March

WHEN MONEY GREW ON TREES – high school event


Financial education meets history

A cycle of appointments to understand finance through history


On March 5, at 11.00 am, the Museum of Saving offers high schools the online event “When money grew on trees”.

The history of money is a fascinating story that is intertwined with the history of raw materials: cocoa beans, pieces of silk, cowries, wheat, salt, ivory, sheep – from the Latin pecus from which the term pecunia derives – were used by ancient peoples as currency in trade.

As well as precious metals: gold and silver were in fact fundamental for the development of the great civilizations of the past such as the Egyptians, the Romans and the Muslim caliphs, and they financed the delusions of grandeur of empires, kingdoms and even the World Wars.

In this appointment of the Edufin and History cycle, with Alessandro Giraudo, economist and writer, we will travel through the centuries to discover what man has used over time to pay, before the introduction of money as we know it today.


How to participate

Free participation.

Confirm your presence by filling out the form at the following link bit.ly/EdufineStoria_5mar by March 3rd.


For further information, write to INFO@museodelrisparmio.it


You weren’t able to follow the event? SEE IT HERE