26 October

The Greeks and the art of accounting – Online Event

Financial Education meets History

A series of appointments to understand the finance by looking at history.


On October 26, at 11 AM, the Museum of Saving and Bank of Italy will offer secondary schools an online event “The Greeks and the Art of Accounting”: from the avarice of Pericles to the administration of treasures sacred to the gods, to war accounts, a virtual appointment with history to learn about today’s economy as well.


Knowing how to do math is also an art, and the Greeks knew it very well!

It is well known that ancient Greece has always been considered the cradle of Western artistic culture: but did you know that it was on the Athenian soil that finance and the conscious management of money originated?

In fact, along with democracy, the fifth century B.C. also saw the birth of the first accounting systems, so precise, orderly, and engraved in stone with refined mastery that economics was not a cold and detached discipline, but an art.



11:00 From Athenian democracy to the birth of finance

Riccardo De Bonis, Head of the Financial Education Service at the Bank of Italy
Giovanni Marginesu, Professor of Greek History at the University of Sassari and author of the book “The Greeks and the Art of Accounting” – Einaudi 2021


11:40 Financial education: what do we learn from the ancient Greeks?

Giovanna Paladino, Director and Curator of the Museum of Saving


12.00 Q&A and conclusion


How to participate

Participation is free upon registration at https://bit.ly/FormEdufinStoria_2610 by October 24.

All teachers registered for the workshop will receive instructions on how to access the webinar.

For more information about the event, write to INFO@museodelrisparmio.it


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