12 June

- 08 September

Summer Kids at the MoS!

The Museum of Saving offers oratories and summer camps two fun educational workshops to enliven summer 2023.

Children and adolescents will learn, while playing, which are the most sustainable choices in terms of wasting food and the basic concepts for conscious money management.


FOR & MICA in the kitchen

Little chefs cook without waste

A playful workshop with For and Mica, the mascots of the Museum of Saving, to get kids to reflect on food waste and what we can do to avoid it.

After an introduction by the tutor on the fact that food waste is still widespread in Italy and in the world, the participants, divided into groups, will face two challenges: shopping consciously and attentive to waste and learning how to store food correctly.

The second part of the activity will instead see the children designing recipes to recover leftover food, to obtain the precious diploma of “Chef of the For & Mica Food Saving Academy”.

Age: 6 – 10 years old

Duration: 60 minutes



Where does the word “money” come from? What coins and banknotes are in circulation? Why is the piggy bank often shaped like a piglet? In the Museum halls, children will find a series of challenges waiting for them. The group that passes all the tests in the shortest time wins.

  • “Know” Room: history of money – challenge: Money Master quiz
  • “Understand” Room: bank account and bank statement – ​​challenge: the game of couples
  • “Experiment” Room: coins and banknotes in circulation – challenge: small exercises on change
  • “Save money” Room: piggy bank trivia – challenge: find the mysterious piggy bank.

The laboratory allows, through an exciting succession of games, to explore some useful concepts of economic citizenship: the functions of money, banknotes and coins in circulation, economic terms most used in everyday life (e.g. bank account, account statement, IBAN) meaning of saving.

Age: 11 – 13 years

Duration: 60 minutes


Booking method

Free admission with mandatory registration by writing to INFO@museodelrisparmio.it.


The workshops are also part of the activities envisaged by “La Bella Stagione 2023” (the beautiful season 2023), the open schedule of creative and experiential activities, opportunities for discovery, socializing and movement, offered to the Summer Kids of the Municipality of Turin – ITER, to the diocesan and Salesian Oratories and to local associations.

The La Bella Stagione initiative is part of “2023. A summer together”, integrated intervention model developed by the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation together with the City of Turin, in collaboration with the Pio Office Foundation, School Foundation, Consorzio Xkè? ZeroTredici and Abbonamento Musei to offer Turin’s children and adolescents many recreational and educational opportunities during the summer weeks to promote their well-being and stimulate their desire to learn and to socialise.

The activities will be available upon reservation by sending an email to labellastagione@compagniadisanpaolo.it or by calling 011 8129786.