03 January

Pocket money and savings – lab for children aged 8 -10


On Wednesday 3 January the Museum of Saving invites families and children to the “Pocket money and savings” workshop.

Through cartoons, video games and artificial intelligence, children will discover whether they are more of a grasshopper or more of an ant, especially after the festive gifts they receive.


What is our attitude towards money? Are we good savers?

Children will be able to answer these questions thanks to the activities proposed by the laboratory, which will begin with the screening of some fun videos: a series of cartoons that will tell the story of the birth of money and its first forms.

Afterwards, a beautiful video game from the Museum of Saving will allow them to test themselves in managing their pocket money, and a fun test created with artificial intelligence will help them discover whether, when using money, they are more of a grasshopper or more of an ant.


What do they learn?
They learn the history of money, try their hand at managing money, they discover their attitude towards money.

Recommended age: 8/10 years

Duration: 45 minutes

Laboratory hours: 4pm


How to participate

Participation costs 2 euros and registration must be done through the TicketOne platform by January 2nd.

To book Wednesday 3/01, 4pm CLICK HERE