04 December

- 05 December

My Place in the World 2023 – high school event


“The uncertainty in which we are immersed, our precariousness, suspended over the abyss of what we don’t know does not make life senseless: it makes it precious”

C. Rovelli



How to transform the challenge of the unknown into an opportunity for personal growth

Uncertainty pushes us to ask ourselves questions about the present, the past, the future. It is unpleasant, as Voltaire said it is nasty, because it forces us to wander in a universe that is too large and poorly defined; certainty, on the contrary, even though it does not exist, reassures us. But it is uncertainty that leads us, together with curiosity, to explore new paths, to observe the world with new eyes and detached from old patterns and cultural legacies.

The key to unlocking these opportunities is a healthy culture of error and knowing how to recognize mistakes as part of the personal and professional growth path, learning not to consider failure as a defeat, but as a starting point.


Through the 8th edition of the “My Place in the World 2023” festival, the Museum of Saving, the Foundation Teatro Donizetti and the Gran Theatre of Brescia offer high school students the testimony of those who have made of uncertainty and curiosity an opportunity for personal and professional growth.


The journey of life fascinates us because the path that leads us to evolve and discover our place in the world is, and will remain, uncertain.


With the participation of:

Ettore Ferretti – Student and Open Project Ambassador of the Grand Theatre

Anna Torretta – Mountaineer and multiple Italian ice climbing champion

Andrea Vuolo – RAI Meteorologist, Tgr Rai Piemonte

Chiara Rusconi – Founder Apalazzogallery, Director Antinori Art Project

Ivan Pelizzoli – Former Professional Footballer – Organizational Manager of the Atalanta B.C. Youth Sector

Francesco Micheli – Artistic Director of the Donizetti Opera Festival

Maria Rita Spada – Physicist and researcher in the field of telecommunications

Alfredo Russo – Chef and owner of the Michelin starred restaurant Dolce Stil Novo


Download the FLYER of the initiative here.

Download HERE the complete PROGRAM of MY PLACE IN THE WORLD 2023



School participation is free and registration is mandatory.

If you are not interested in following the entire program, you can connect just for the testimonials you are interested in.

For participating classes, the issue of a certificate for PCTO purposes is available upon request.

To register you need to fill out the form by CLICKING HERE


Teachers who have registered their classes will receive the link and instructions for connecting online via email.



CLICK HERE to read the thoughts of the students of the “Leonardo da Vinci” Classical High School in Molfetta, in the province of Bari.