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My Place in the World 2022

Curiosity is the true pleasure of the mind

Thomas Hobbes (English philosopher, 1588 – 1679)


Many scientific and geographical discoveries have been the result of curiosity, which has driven one to delve into what seemed insignificant details or to look with other eyes at discoveries made in other fields.

Curious minds work by assonance, they do not stop at the first difficulties, they dig, circumnavigate, fly over obstacles and often find what they are looking for or something else.

Curious minds are tenacious in looking at things they do not know and that others do not see, in re-examining and asking questions, in opening cracks where there were none before to look inside and imagine what lies outside and beyond.

Curious minds do not content themselves with filling holes but widen them.

Curious minds do not stop at the first difficulties.

Through the 7th edition of the festival “My Place in the World 2022”, the Museum of Saving, in collaboration with the Egyptian Museum, the Lavazza Museum and the MU-CH Chemistry Museum are offering secondary school students the testimony of those who made curiosity an engine of knowledge and of personal and professional growth.

Do not put obstacles in the way of curiosity, decide what you want to know and then choose the best way to do it.

Being curious is an invitation to everyone. We all have the right to be curious.



ALBERTO GIANNONE Science popularizer and author of the book “Meglio curiosi che intelligenti” (Better curious than clever)

ZAIRA CATTANEO Researcher at the Mondino Foundation and Associate Professor at the Department of Human and Social Sciences, University of Bergamo

ENRICO FERRARIS Curator Collection and Research Department Photographic Archive and Digital Media, Egyptian Museum

ALESSANDRO BALOSSINO Head of Argotec Research and Development Area

MASSIMO TEMPORELLI President and co-founder of The FabLab, physicist, professor of anthropology, writer, entrepreneur, speaker

OMAR HASSAN Contemporary Italian artist

ALESSANDRO MARI Narrator and creative director of Holden Studios

AURORA ZANCANARO Le Polveri and FLAVIO SACCO, The Fermentalist

CHIMICAZZA, Influencer and PIERO UGLIENGO, Professor Department of Chemistry University of Turin


Download the MANIFESTO of the initiative here.

Download here the complete PROGRAMME of MY PLACE IN THE WORLD 2022.



Participation of schools is free of charge and registration is compulsory.

To register, please send an e-mail to prenotazionimdr@civita.art specifying

– Name of the teacher of reference and email/phone number

– Name of school

– Participating classes and number of students involved

Teachers who have registered their classes will receive by e-mail the link and instructions to access the webinar.


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