03 May

International Festival of Economics 2023 – school activities at MoS


For the International Festival of Economics 2023, admission to the Museum of Saving will be free from 1st to 4th June.

A vast program of activities has been prepared for SCHOOLS available from 3 to 12 May by reservation:


Champions of sustainability” laboratory – Primary schools

Do you know the rules of the circular economy? Do you know how to design an object that is sustainable and environment-friendly?

Thanks to animated videos and interactive apps, primary school students will discover what can be done in everyday life in order not to waste natural resources and keep the planet in good health. We will reflect on how important it is to recover and value waste and build objects according to eco-design principles, minimizing energy and natural resources consumption. At the end, a fun edu-quiz to test what has been learned.

Duration: 60 minutes


Educational visit “The economic and environmental crises” – Middle Schools

A guided tour to understand the genesis and methods of propagation of economic and environmental crises, identifying some solutions to counter them.

Through the guided viewing of animated videos, middle school students will be able to learn more about speculative bubbles and inflation and understand the

main environmental problems that afflict our planet. They will then compete in a team quiz to reflect on the behaviors to adopt to improve the well-being of society and protect the environment.

Duration: 75 minutes


Educational visit “A new society: circular economy and social inclusion” – High schools

A guided tour that illustrates what favors the transition towards a more inclusive and sustainable society.

Students will be guided in a reflection on new production models based on the rule of the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), capable of guaranteeing the survival of the planet and mankind. It will also look in detail at an entrepreneurial approach that not only takes into account profit, but also the well-being of employees and the community in which they operate.

At the end, the students will have the opportunity to experiment with the “Equality defender” gaming app, through which they will be called to evaluate projects on the basis of economic, social and environmental sustainability criteria.

Duration: 75 minutes



For all the initiatives, admission is free and reservations are required by sending an email to INFO@museodelrisparmio.it.

Reservations will be accepted on the basis of the chronological order of registration until the available capacity is exhausted.