04 October

How economics can save the world? – presentation of the book by Erik Angner


Can the economy save the world?

A question that opens up a multitude of reflections on the modern world.

Poverty, social inequalities and climate crises, a search for personal balance and how to manage family and children: the issues we find ourselves facing today are global and complex.

According to Erik Angner, author of the book “How Economics Can Save The World: Simple Ideas To Solve Our Biggest Problems, “Economics can help us solve and treat a large variety of problems, challenges and crises. Economics is about individual behavior and its social consequences“.



During the month of financial education  and as part of the World Investor Week, at the Museum of Saving you will discover it by talking directly with the author together with Giovanna Paladino, Director and Curator of the Museum and Luciano Canova, economist and scientific communicator.

The appointment is October 4th, at 5pm, in person at the Museum of Saving or online.


How to participate

The event is free with mandatory reservation by filling out the following form:


An interpreter will be present at the event for simultaneous translation.


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