02 July

Estate Ragazzi 2020


Estate Ragazzi 2020 al Museo del Risparmio

In the months of July and August the Museum of Saving is ready to welcome small groups of children and teenagers, in the morning and in the afternoon, with a variety of recreational activities such as guided tours, teaching labs and team games to learn to manage consciously money and natural resources.

Participants can choose among different activities:


Learn how to consciously deal with the use of natural resources.

An obstacle course where you can test your knowledge on sustainability, with regard to the environment, natural resources and food. The participants will be split into teams and will find three tests to pass:

1) The sustainability tree

Thanks to an exciting quiz, children will have the opportunity to discover the fundamental role played by trees and the importance that plants have for the planet and for the economy.

2) Recycling champions

The game aims to stimulate the interest of children – and, as a result, to empower them – towards a proper management and disposal of waste. They will compete in a very special basketball game, identifying the correct bin for each type of waste.

3) In the kitchen with For & Mica

After watching the four episodes of the sit-com “Senti un pò”, children will be invited to discover the right way of storing food, learning how to avoid waste and prevent food from spoiling.

The winner team will be the one who has completed first two out of the three challenges.

Age: 8 – 13

Duration: 1 hour



A teaching lab to understand that the natural resources of our Planet are not endless.

Are natural resources available in unlimited quantities? Do you know the difference between primary and secondary goods? Can we do without some objects and avoid polluting the environment?

Children will be guided by the tutor in a discussion about the shortage of natural resources and the importance of avoiding waste. Then, they will play the role of little explorers on a desert island where they will have to decide how to use the scarce resources available.

Age: 6 – 10

Duration: 1 hour



The lab opens with the reading of the famous fairy tale “The Ant and the Grasshopper”, through which children can reflect on the importance of saving to reach their dreams and to cope with the unexpected. A guided tour will then show the most interesting pieces of the wonderful piggy bank collection of the Museum, illustrating the origins of this iconic object.

In the second part of the lab, images of Italian and European coins and banknotes will be shown, and students will try to identify the possible combinations needed to purchase a series of objects. The activity will end with the screening of a short video on the introduction of the Euro.

Age: 6 – 10

Duration: 1 hour