16 March

Edutainment in Museums – ICOM Thursday


The Thursday appointment of ICOM Italia on 16 March 2023 will be dedicated to the theme of edutainment (education + entertainment) and in particular on ways of learning through play.

There are many examples, both nationally and internationally, but this time the case of our museum, the Museum of Saving. will be explored.

Financial education is certainly not a simple subject and indeed the empirical evidence, strengthened by the OECD/PISA surveys on the level of financial literacy, shows that most people have growing difficulties in managing their money. Not only, and not always, due to lack of resources but above all due to lack of basic financial skills and financial education.

In addition to audiovisual and interactive materials (3D videos, documentaries, interviews, theatrical animations), our museum is enriched by the influence of economics, literature and cinema, and in recent years it has transformed from a purely physical place to a phygital experience, combining digital and face-to-face activities, through on-demand formats and new projects.


PROGRAM online event “Edutainment in Museums”


Michele Lanzinger | ICOM Italy, President

Engaging and inspiring: the use of edutainment at the Museum of Saving.

Giovanna Paladino | Museum of Saving, Director and curator


The frontiers of gaming-based learning

Matteo Bisanti | University of Florence, Researcher and Game Scientist

Gaming and artificial intelligence

Andrea Bellezza | Mosaico Studio, Innovation Consultant



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