24 March

- 14 April

ECO-quiz: the quiz for schools on economic citizenship is back


For the Turin International Festival of Economics, the Museum of Saving, in collaboration with the Compagnia di Sanpaolo Foundation for Schools and the Toscanini-Einaudi Comprehensive Institute of Parma, is organizing a fun quiz with educational content for middle school students.

Eco-Quiz represents an adaptation for middle schools of the EconoMia project, normally reserved for students in the last two years of high schools following the format of the International Festival of Economics.


The Eco-Quiz aims

The educational initiative aims to:

  • introduce students at middle schools to economic issues and the management of scarce resources, whether financial or natural, thus contributing to the personal and collective cultural growth of the country;
  • promote active citizenship, enriching the civic education curriculum with topics related to the economic-financial reality;
  • underline the multidisciplinary nature of economics by comparing it to other subjects;
  • provide students with the tools to make choices critically and responsibly, with particular regard to the management of money and scarce resources;
  • help students understand the relationship between money, work and personal and collective well-being.

For this second edition, the contents of the competition focus on issues of financial education and education on environmental and social sustainability.


The Promoters

The promoters of the educational initiative are: Torino Local Committee (TOLC), Editore Laterza, Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation for Schools, Museum of Saving, Toscanini-Einaudi Comprehensive Institute of Parma, AEEE-Italia.


The Recipients

Eco-Quiz is open to middle school students.


The Admission Requirements

The first, second and third classes of middle school from all over Italy can access the initiative, after completing the membership form.

A precondition for participation is that the classes involved have the possibility to connect to Internet and have IWBs to follow the lesson online and access the platform used for the Quiz. In the case of DAD, both the lessons and the Eco-Quiz can also be carried out from home, provided an electronic device and an Internet connection are available.


The object of the educational initiative

Registered classes will be able to benefit from an online lesson organized by the Museum of Saving in which, through the viewing of video content, the topics subsequently covered by the quiz will be addressed. In particular, the videos will encourage reflection on the principles of the circular economy and on the importance of a more sustainable and inclusive economic development, which passes through the protection of biodiversity, the conscious use of resources and the care of the weakest. The videos will remain available in a special reserved area of ​​the Museum website for the entire duration of the initiative, in case teachers and students wish to see them again.


The prize

All participants in the Eco-quiz will receive the original animated GIFs of the Savings Museum as a gift.

First classified class: free educational visit to the Museum of Saving in Turin with travel expenses covered up to a maximum amount of 1,000 euros, to be organized during the days of the International Festival of Economics (1-4 June 2023)

*If the travel expenses are for a lower amount, the difference will be paid through vouchers for the purchase of school supplies.

**If it is not possible to organize the visit in person, a voucher of the same amount will be issued for the purchase of school supplies.

Second and third classified classes: gadgets from the Museum of Saving.


The Content Supervisory Committee

The Content Supervisory Committee is made up of a representative of the Museum of Saving and a representative of the Toscanini-Einaudi Comprehensive Institute of Parma. It selects and formulates the multiple choice questions of the Eco-Quiz.


The test

Subscription: by 17 march 2023

Introductory lesson: 24 march 2023, 11 a.m.

Qualifying rounds: 3 april 2023, 11 a.m.

Final: 14 april 2023, 11 a.m.


The evaluation of the test

Participation in the Eco-Quiz will take place individually, through an electronic device (mobile phone, tablet or PC) owned or made available by the school. To protect the privacy of the participants, the teachers will be asked to match the names of the students with alphanumeric codes which will allow the winners of the round to be identified.

The winners will be identified automatically through the game software, which will reward those who answer correctly in the shortest time. Individual winners will allow their class to advance to the next stage and receive the prizes awarded.


The Award Ceremony

The award ceremony will take place within the program of the 2023 edition of the Turin International Festival of Economics.


How to participate

The teacher interested in enrolling one or more classes must fill in the Application Form available at the following link by 17 March 2023: https://bit.ly/FormRegistrazioneECOQUIZ_2023

Please note that a single form must be completed for each participating class.


Download here the complete regulation of ECO-QUIZ