15 May

- 29 May

AES QUIZ, the quiz on the history of MONEY

Are you a middle school teacher? Take on the challenge and enroll your class in the new digital QUIZ dedicated to the history of money!

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AES QUIZ (AES is the Latin word for “money”) is a funny Edu-quiz to make students discover the history of money from barter to the launch of the Euro, passing through the economy in Ancient Rome and the role of Florentine bankers in the Renaissance.

Every Monday, starting from May 11 and for three weeks, the registered classes will receive a link to the videos of the Museum of Saving, to be watched before the quiz.

Friday will be the day of the challenge!

Students will have the possibility to talk with the experts of the Museum of Saving ad to ask for clarifications about the videos, and then will compete with students from other schools by answering a series of questions via Kahoot.

The winners will be rewarded with the animated GIFs of the Museum of Saving!



Week 1

Monday, May 11

Videos (duration: about 10 mins):

  • The origin of the name “Money”
  • From barter to money
  • The use of money from Babylonians to Greeks
  • What is Price

Friday, May 15 (10.00 am) Zoom chat and Kahoot quiz (duration: about 20 mins)


Week 2

Monday, May 18

Videos (duration: about 10 mins)

  • “Impossible interview” with an “Argentario” in Ancient Rome
  • What is Inflation
  • Bimetallism in the Middle Ages

Friday, May 22 (10.00 am) Zoom chat and Kahoot quiz (duration: about 20 mins)


Week 3

Monday, May 25

Videos (duration: about 10 mins)

  • Florentine bankers in the Renaissance
  • Podcast: Dante Alighieri
  • The launch of the Euro

Friday, May 29 (10.00 am) Zoom chat and Kahoot quiz (duration: about 20 mins)


How to participate

Teacher interested in enrolling one or more classes must send an e-mail to info@museodelrisparmio.it, with the name of the school and the number of students.

The link to the videos will be sent every Monday to the teachers.

Students must have a mobile phone, tablet or PC to access the Kahoot quiz, through the web address https://kahoot.it/. Otherwise, they can download the free Kahoot app for iOS and Android.

The PIN will be provided on the same day via chat.

The educational initiative is completely FREE.


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