30 June

- 30 June

30 minutes with Riccardo De Bonis and Maria Iride Vangelisti

1 LIBRO IN 30 MINUTI 30.06 - Riccardo De Bonis e Maria Iride Vangelisti

The event is part of the digital talk series “1 Book in 30 minutes“.

On the 30th of June at 6 p.m. Giovanna Paladino, Director and Curator of the Museum of Saving, will meet Riccardo De Bonis and Maria Iride Vangelisti, executives at the Bank of Italy and authors of the book “Money. From the oxen of Homer to Bitcoin.”

An exciting journey from the origins of money, to the rise of commercial and central banks, until to the launch of the Euro. A special attention will be paid to the new web-based payment instruments and to the spread of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Libra.

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