09 May

- 15 May

10 years of MdR


May 2012 – May 2022

The Museum of Saving celebrates its first 10 years!

The Museum of Saving celebrates its first 10 years of activity from May 9 to 15 with free access to the exhibition spaces and a series of original initiatives for young people and adults, which as always have the aim of addressing the issue of money management in a simple and funny way, but also with a digital and multimedia approach.

A reference could not be missing also to the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, one of the most important musical events in the world that will be staged in Turin in the same period, with a series of events organized by the Museum that will symbolically unite the world of music with that of economics and savings.

4 special events organized for the occasion:


May 12, 6:30 pm

“Neuromagic: when magic reveals our relationship with money”

Phygital event

The educational show “Neuromagic: when magic reveals our relationship with money”, in collaboration with FEduF, features a young magician and a psychologist engaged in exploring the mechanisms of cognitive and emotional functioning in money management.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to experience what reactions are activated in our minds when we talk about money, when we handle it and when we use money for our needs and to fulfill our desires.

Protagonists and organizers of “Neuromagic” are Edoardo Ares, professional magician and illusionist and Massimo Bustreo, consultant in the psychology of consumption and money, IULM teacher. The show is produced by IULM University of Milan & Pantakin Company from Venice.

Reservations by writing to prenotazionimdr@civita.art by 10 May, subject to availability.


May 13, 6:30 pm

“Music Economy: from 45s to Spotify “

Phygital event

An interview to Francesco Prisco, music expert, journalist from “Il Sole 24 ore” and author of “The Music Economy”, to understand how the music business is evolving between streaming and new technologies.

Reservations by writing to prenotazionimdr@civita.art, subject to availability.


May 14, 5.00 pm

“Tv, Pennies and Songs”

Workshop for families

An exciting live musical quiz at the Museum of Saving. Retracing some golden years of Eurovision, parents and children will compete with historical-musical questions. Up for grabs nice gadgets for adults and children.

Reservations by writing to prenotazionimdr@civita.art.


May 15, 4.00 pm

“Jukebox – a coin for a song”

Workshop for children

Educational workshop for children aged 6 to 10 at the Museum of Saving. After learning some important lessons on saving with Arco and Iris, the children will put them to music by replacing the words of some famous songs.

Reservations by writing to prenotazionimdr@civita.art.


Until May 31, the public will also be able to visit the special set-up of the Museum’s collection of piggy banks, entitled “Saving to the beat of music”, including musical instruments, friendly instrumentalists and pieces inspired by some famous songs.


Access to the exhibition will be free for the whole month, with the possibility of free guided tours by reservation on May 14 and 15.


Come celebrate with us!


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