15 June

The CLIMB – the new Escape Room MoS


THE CLIMB to the Museum of Saving! 

We are excited to announce the grand opening of our brand new ESCAPE ROOM!

Come and challenge your mind and test your savings and financial management skills in a unique and engaging experience. Join us for an exciting adventure and discover how skilled you are at solving puzzles and finding creative solutions!

The gaming experience will simulate the climbing of a peak by a team of mountaineers: at each turn, a group of up to ten people will have to face challenges linked to the mountain context, challenges to be solved as quickly as possible in order to finish the route in the allotted time.

The Alpine climb is a metaphor for financial planning: the summit represents the goal and the stopwatch the time to reach it, while the challenges that engage the players – or the savers, metaphorically aside – represent the planning steps.


 What you will find:

– Intriguing and challenging puzzles

– Fun for all ages

– An opportunity to learn valuable lessons about saving and personal finance


 We will inaugurate the Escape Room on Saturday 15 June with three shifts open to the public – the first from 3pm to 4pm, the second from 4pm to 5pm, and the third from 5pm to 6pm. Maximum 10 people per shift (so 30 people in total).

During the inauguration, the Museum will be closed to the public from 2pm to 7pm.

We will then repeat the experience on Saturday 20 July and subsequently, from September, once a month (dates to be defined).

 Only and exclusively for the inauguration on Saturday 15 June, the Escape Room will have free entry.

Reservation required by CLICKING HERE