SAVE Virtual Tour – videos and apps


S.A.V.E. – Sustainability, Action, Voyage, Experience” is the project launched in 2018 by the Museum of Saving, in collaboration with the EIB Institute, to spread financial and environmental sustainability education among all students.

Born as a traveling initiative, in the first two years it crossed Italy on board the Discovery Truck, a truck specially set up with the multimedia contents of the Museum of Saving.

Since 2021 it has taken the form of a virtual tour, which offers all schools the opportunity to carry out a rich range of remote educational activities, both in Italian and in English.

This page contains videos and apps relating to the education component for sustainability and the circular economy. To access the complete materials, including the support guide for teachers, please register the classes at the following link:



“The bases of the circular economy”

The video explains the new production, consumption and reuse model towards which future generations will have to orient themselves, with a view to safeguarding the planet.

“Transport of the future”

The video shows how human beings will be able to travel in the coming years, reducing the impact generated both in terms of pollution and costs.

“Green Hero”

An app in which pupils will be able to test themselves on their ability to recycle and build new objects from used materials.




Green Hero - app Web                    Green Hero - appPC (download)         


“Circular economy and green economy”

The video illustrates that the survival of the planet requires the transition from the linear economy model, which is based on immeasurable growth and waste, to a new paradigm.

“How to save the planet’s biodiversity. What you can do”

The video offers valuable advice on the protection and preservation of the living species, animals and plants, and the natural habitats, both terrestrial and aquatic.

“Planet Guardian”

A funny app to learn how both individuals and companies can make the right choices to improve the environment that they will leave for the next generations.




Planet Guardian - app Web                    Planet Guardian - appPC (download)         

Planet Guardian - appMac (download)



“Circular economy: a new inclusive model”

The video shows how the circular economy can support the weakest categories and create an economic development that combines profit with benefits for society and the environment.

“Inequality reduction, social inclusion and economic citizenship. What you can do”

The video illustrates what social inclusion and economic citizenship consist in, and provides some indications on how to overcome the barriers that hinder their realization.

“Equality Defender”

Through this app, students can practice recognizing which projects can have a positive impact on society and the environment.




Equality Defender - app Web                    Equality Defender - appPC (download)         

Equality Defender - appMac (download)