16 March

PRICK UP YOUR EARS – lab for children aged 10 – 13 years


Saturday 16 March, 4pm

When you put your personal information online, always think about who might be behind the screen!

Your password is like the key to your house, it must stay safe!


The Museum of Saving and the Cybersecurity Department of Intesa Sanpaolo present “Prick up your ears”, the initiative aimed at children aged 10 to 13 that explains cybersecurity in a simple and fun way!

Challenges, games and team quizzes to discover how to navigate safely and how, with the help of your parents, to protect electronic devices, personal data and purchases from attacks by online scammers. 

In the first appointment on March 16th, at 4 pm, girls and boys will learn to create a perfect password and protect their social profiles, learning what to make public and what not.


Reccomended age: 10/13 years

Duration: 45 minutes

Laboratory hours: 4pm


How to participate

Participation costs 2 euros and registration must be done through the TicketOne platform by March 14th.

To book Saturday 16/03, 4 pm CLICK HERE