02 December

- 03 December

My Place in the World 2021


What do Napoleon Bonaparte, Elon Musk, Houdini and Massimo Bottura have in common?

Each of them innovated in their fields of ​​activity by deviating from the standards of the time, breaking the rules and going against the tide.

They are “rebels” who have acted as engines of change, challenging prejudices and stereotypes.

But rebellious talent is also what allows us to face daily challenges in an unconventional way. Growing up is possible through a mix of ingredients that everyone can train and bring out. 

The rebellious spirit and the strategies to cultivate it will be at the center of the 2021 edition of “My Place in the World”, the event that the Museum of Saving, in collaboration with Lavazza Museum, dedicates to high school students, with the aim of making them aware of the importance of looking ahead and investing in their future. 

 “My place in the world 2021” will be held online on December 2 and 3: students from all over Italy will attend by listening exceptional testimonies.

With the participation of:

  • Gabriella Greison, Physicist, Writer, Theatrical Performer
  • Ilaria Galbusera, Deaf athlete – Italy National Volleyball Team
  • Roberto Battaglia, Manager and author of “Startupper in azienda. Liberare il potenziale imprenditoriale”
  • Filomena Floriana Ferrara, Director of the IBM Italia Foundation, Corporate Social Responsibility Leader and IBM Master Inventor
  • Marco Piccolo, Reynaldi Srl CEO and ethical entrepreneur
  • Ilaria Fava, Expert in innovation, start-up and venture capital
  • Elena Loewenthal, Circle of Readers Foundation Director, writer and columnist
  • Michele Mariani, Executive Creative Director Armando Testa
  • Francesco Vena, Amaro Lucano CEO


Download here the program of  MY PLACE IN THE WORLD 2021.



Participation is free of charge and registration is compulsory.

The participating classes can request an attendance certificate.

To register, please send an email to prenotazionimdr@civita.art specifying:

  • Name of the teacher and email address / telephone number
  • Name of the school
  • Number of classes and students involved

Teachers registering their classes will receive the link and instructions to connect.