25 November

How much do wishes cost? – workshop for children aged 6-8 years


Appointments with MICA IL SOLITO LAB return in November!

On Saturday 25 November the Museum of Saving invites families and children to the “How much do wishes cost” workshop.


How much do the things we want cost?

And what is the true value of the money you have to spend to buy them?

Children often have a wish, but they don’t fully realize the financial implications of making it come true.

Through this fun workshop, children will discover that money does not grow on ATMs, but must be earned, and they will learn to recognize the coins and banknotes that their parents use for purchases.

Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to begin to question their attitude towards money and to reflect on the importance of financial independence in achieving their dreams. 


What do they learn?  

To recognize coins and banknotes to understand how much money is worth and how to obtain it, thus also understanding the importance of saving.  


Recommended age: 6/8 years

Duration: 45 minutes

Laboratory hours: 4pm and 5pm


How to participate

Participation costs 2 euros and registration must be done through the TicketOne platform by November 23rd.

to book Saturday 25/11, 4pm CLICK HERE

to book Saturday 25/11, 5pm CLICK HERE