Gender Gap in Finance? “Risk? It‘s a woman’s job!”

In September and October the Museum of Saving devoted considerable time to the subject of women saving. September 15th, 21st and 30th and October 12th, 19th, and 27th were the six dates for the new edition of “Risk? It‘s a woman’s job! “

Several researches show that women have a tendency to invest in low-risk financial products, building then less wealth than men and being more exposed to the risk of poverty. A lack of financial knowledge, combined with low self-esteem in women’s ability to take risks, could explain this gap. Starting from this premise, the workshop aims at addressing both self-confidence and financial knowledge by:

– raising women awareness on their self-limiting beliefs, preventing them from investing and from adopting a more positive attitude to risk-taking;

– stimulating interest in money management as a core competence for the future.

The purpose is to trigger a change by helping participants to unmask the social and mental conditioning, through brainstorming techniques and edutainment sessions with basic finance content. The Department of Statistics of the University of Naples (Federico II) will assess the treatment’s effectiveness, by drafting an ex ante and an ex post evaluation survey and by submitting it to the participants.

The initiative is part of a program of activities designed to contribute to overcoming the gender gap in financial education, in collaboration with IFFM – International Federation of Finance Museum. The toolkit on the initiatives about gender gap, developed by the IFFM participating museums, can be downloaded in the “PARTNERSHIP – IFFM” section of the website.