23 March

Financial education: new guidelines for teaching and impact assessment


To mark the publication of the book “Financial education in Italy: state of the art, experiments and perspectives” by Tommaso Agasisti, the Museum of Saving organized a webinar for teachers and financial operators on 23 March at 3 pm.

The event will illustrate how financial education has evolved in the post-Covid period and how to design effective educational initiatives capable of generating a long-term impact.

The aim is to support school planning and programming in the field of “Economic Citizenship” skills and to stimulate a discussion with operators on innovative methodologies and approaches, also based on the experiences already faced in Italy.



3.00 pm – Financial education: what has changed in the last two years and where we are heading?

Giovanna Paladino, Director and curator of the Museum of Saving


3.20 pm – How to plan financial education: methodologies and tools

Tommaso Agasisti, Professor of Economic-Management Engineering, Milan Polytechnic


3.40 pm – Financial education interventions at school: what impact on students?

Gabriele Iannotta, Researcher at the Milan Polytechnic

16.00 – Debate and Q&A


How to participate

To participate, free registration is required by filling out the form https://bit.ly/FormWebinar2303


You couldn’t follow the event? WATCH IT HERE