Admire Art and live an immersive experience.

Interact within a new physical and virtual space that will bring you closer to the basic principles of economics through ten works of art that will come to life before your eyes.



The new room hosts two VR stations which, thanks to the support of an interactive session and the latest generation Oculus, will allow visitors to live an immersive experience in which various works of art come to life to explain the key principles of economics and finance*.

A journey through art and history that not only entertains visitors but brings them closer to economic and financial education issues in an original and engaging way.

Works by artists of the calibre of Peter Paul Rubens, Édouard Manet, Edward Hopper, Pieter Brueghel and Pierre Bonnard, carefully selected for their affinity with certain economic themes, enter the Museum on a permanent basis to fulfil its vocation of disseminating financial education in a simple and entertaining manner..

A vintage train, a 17th century Flemish village, a sidecar whizzing through the lavender fields of Provence, a ship docked at the port of Antwerp. By interacting with the elements of each scenario, and browsing through the folds of time, visitors can get closer to economic concepts that are sometimes perceived as complex, such as accounting or financial crises.