10 November



The Museum of Saving  proposes the online event “ECONOMY IS WOMAN“, dedicated to adults, in particular women, on Friday 10 November, at 6 pm.

The word economy derives from the union of the Greek words οἴκος (oikos), house and νόμος (nomos), rule, law, literally therefore “management of the house”, similar to the art of the housewife, who must manage the resources of her household in the best possible way. But over time this subject has increasingly taken on a masculine connotation.

On the occasion of this event, the testimonies of some successful women will help us understand how economics is a very suitable profession for women, who not only can, but must start dealing with money.



6.00 pm – Women and Economy: introduction to the topic through the teachings of Claudia Goldin, Nobel Prize winner for Economics 2023
Giovanna Paladino, Director and curator of the Museum of Saving


6.15 pm – Empowerment today: what matters
Amedea Pennacchi, President of  @PWNRome


6.30 pm – Let’s listen to their stories
Elisa Piazza,  Class CNBC Presenter
Annamaria Nassisi, Manager Thales Alenia Space Italia


7.00 pm – Q&A and closing


How to participate
Free participation with mandatory registration by filling out the form bit.ly/Evento_10nov  by November 9th. 

For further information, write to info@museodelrisparmio.it


You weren’t able to follow the event? SEE IT HERE