08 March

Down with stereotypes!

March 8, 2021, 10.00 am – 11.00 am

On the occasion of Women’s Day, the Museum of Saving and the Foundation for Financial and Saving Education (FEduF) are promoting the online event “Down with stereotypes!“, dedicated to the fourth and fifth grade classes of elementary schools and the first grade classes of middle schools.

Students will be involved in a lesson on economic citizenship to learn there are no differences between male and female skills, especially when it comes to autonomy, sustainability and the future.

A fun and instructive event to stimulate reflection on gender equality as a civic education competence and to develop the essential knowledge to break down stereotypes and differences.

During the meeting, the video “Legonomia – Le differenze di genere spiegate con i mattoncini” (“Legonomy – Gender differences explained with bricks”) by Luciano Canova, and the Museum of Savings’ new publication for children, “Arco e Iris in America Latina” (“Arco and Iris in Latin America”), ​​will be presented. 

As a gift, participating schools will receive the FEduF’s book “Fiabe e Denaro” (“Fairy tales and money”), edited by Emanuela Rinaldi and Brunella Fiore. 

To register and receive the link to connect to the event, please fill out the form at the following link: http://www.feduf.it/area-riservata/partecipa-evento/index.php?id_evento=879-2021-03-08

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