No cash world (14-17 years)

This role play, through the exploration of three different perspectives, allows teenagers to discuss about the digital payments. The citizen’s perspective: pros and cons of e-payments The politician’s perspective: e-money as a tool to promote a transparent economy Legal institutions: how to avoid scams in digital payments

Price Discovery (14-16 years)

    ‘Price Discovery’ is an amusing role-play addressed to middle school students and conceived to stimulate reasoning about how prices are determined and how the law of supply and demand works.

It’s up to you (11-14 years)

This lab is focused on personal money management. It invites teenagers to identify their spending objectives, to categorize them according to time horizon and to distinguish between superfluous and necessary expenses.

Neverland (6-10 years)

  This lab, conceived on the occasion of EXPO, aims at stimulating the debate about the shortage of natural resources (e.g. food, water, soil…) and about the ways of handling them in order to avoid waste.

Kids&Savings (6-10 years)

This lab aims at teaching the basic concepts of saving and investment to children (aged 6 – 10) in a recreational and easy way. Children are invited to think about the importance of work to earn money and to reach their life objectives, as well as about how to use …